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General Outline:

Signal Processing
Putting Together a Great Mix
Loudspeaker Usage
Sound System Design
Steps to Great Sound
Distributed Systems
Hooking Up the System
Assistive Listening
Maximizing the Console
Recording & Editing

Plus: Proven Strategies for Achieving Technical Excellence!


Classes are typically $85.00 per participant, but varies depending on location.
Workbook is included.
Contact us for more information.

Set up and tear down take about 1-1/2 hours.
We prefer to set up the evening before the seminar.

How to Contact Us

Gary or Patti Lorenzen
PO Box 78
Glendive, MT 59330-0078

Our New Number is:

About Gary Lorenzen

Gary has been working part-time in A-V for over 40 years assisting many organizations (churches, bands, courts, schools, clubs, etc.) with their systems; dealing mostly with sound reinforcement. He has seen good and bad systems with good and bad (read untrained) operators; with the expected results. One thing He has noticed is the lack of understanding in the basics of the modern day sound system.

You can take a full semester class on the subject, even get a degree; though this seems to be a rather expensive undertaking unless you are doing it full time. You may also piecemeal classes at various trade shows, but these are usually very specific. Internet researches can be helpful, but still lacking in overall coverage. Let's say you were trained on how and what to do by a mentor, were they right? Was something missing? "Don't worry about it - that's the way we have always done it, and it seems ok."

It is frustrating and almost painful to install a new system, get it dialed in, show the operator how to use it, get rave reviews for a couple of weeks, and then......the phone call. The person who was shown how to operate the system is out.....or....forgot something. SO back I would go and straighten out the problem, re-explain or show anew.

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